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Chitwan Forest Resort

Most people know and come to Nepal for the highest snow peaks in the world, the famous trekking routes and the interesting culture in Kathmandu valley but they don't take the time or miss the opportunity to visit the southern lowlands of Nepal, especially the "Chitwan National Park", to discover a completely different aspect of the country. 

Created in 1973 and listed as a "UNESCO" world heritage site since 1984, "Chitwan National Park" (malaria free since 1960) is situated in south-central Nepal, just five hours bus journey from Kathmandu or Pokhara and is renowned to be one of the best in Asia.  

Its 932 sq km are home for a number of endangered species and mammals such as wild elephants, one horn rhinoceros, monkeys, four types of deer, sloth bears, gaurs, fresh water dolphins, leopards, hyenas and the famous Royal Bengal tiger.There are also reptiles including crocodiles, snakes, turtles and lizards, colourful butterflies and about 529 species of birds which make Chitwan a paradise for the specialists. The variety of flora is amazing too. It goes from tall grasslands with lakes to Sal forest with twisted vines. The indigenous people "Tharus", their almost unchanged way of living and their traditional houses can alone make the journey to Chitwan worthwile and will remind you of some parts of Africa.  



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